Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sounds of Summer

It has been a while since I lived in the big city.  I remember noise, but more the constant sound of traffic and people. 

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

There is an element of anonymity that comes with living in the city.  At times, I have missed that.  Living in a small town, you can remain a secret...for a while.  The Man in Charge remained anonymous a lot longer than I did once we moved to the sticks.  He went to sporting events for the girls, and things like that at school, but at sporting events he rarely sat with me.  You see, I am a yeller.  I liked to encourage the team, heckle the referees for bad calls, etc.  For this very reason, he always sat a few rows away from me. 

This is just another reason why our relationship works.  He sat away from me verses telling me to shut-up.  I didn't mind him sitting away from me because I was involved in the game.  We are independant thinkers that way.  This did lead to a few years of most of the people in this town thinking that I had an imaginary husband.  They never saw us together, so we were sure that most thought I was just making him up.  The secret is definitely out now though.  He can't hide any longer.

The anonymous factor is really the only thing that I miss, and it is very rare that I even think about it anymore.  Living out in the country has a lot more perks in my opinion.  We have the peace and quiet.  Plus a little room to breath.  This is foreign to a lot of people, but valuable to me.  I have to tell you that I might argue the quiet part though. 

Right now things are in full swing out here, and it is anything but quiet.  We can hear the crickets chirping.  We can hear the clicking of the grasshoppers when they jump from one of my plants to another.  We certainly hear the chickens clucking as they go about their business.  There are several times during the day that you hear the horses communicating, especially Duece.  I really miss his mother.  She had such a deep knicker that it just sounded sweet.  He squeeeeals!  I can't forget the coyotes.  They were quiet for a while, but they are back in the area.  We have heard them several nights in a row howling and making your skin crawl a little.

But the real racket these days, the constant racket that is non-stop all day, is due to these little guys.

There are hundreds of them out there.  Any guesses on what they are?  They are hard to spot without a zoom.  Can you see this one?

The trees are full of them, and they are constantly talking back and forth.

I spent quite a bit of time under the trees trying to take pictures of these noisy little guys.  When they make their noise, their abdomen expands out fully and there wings move.  Their little bellies are white and I tried for a long time to get a picture of one fully extended.  I guess they are camera shy because once you focus on one of them, they shut up.  I did catch this next shot, but it is either at the beginning of an inhale or on the exhale, because it is not fully extended.

Now, if I was a technically savvy kind-of-chick, I would figure out how to record a sound bite, and post it on my blog.  Then you could hear how not-so-quiet is it out here in the country.  I would really love for you to hear the coyotes.  Maybe I will see if I can figure that out this week.  We'll have to see what the heat does to me.

If you know what they are...leave it in the comment section.  You can also double-click on the photos and they will enlarge on your screen.

Until next time.

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