Friday, June 22, 2012

Man's Best Friend

Can we learn things from Man's Best Friend?  I think we can.  Unconditional love.  Forgiveness.  Loyalty.  Blah, blah, blah.  If you own a dog, you know what I am talking about.  Not to mention that they listen to whatever you have to say, and they don't interupt or talk back.  They totally agree with every word. 

Where else can you find a friend like that?

They can be a total life saver.  In many ways, not just the literal meaning.  Sometimes they give us purpose.  Maybe we are depressed and don't want to get out of bed that day.  Doesn't matter.  They will bug you until you have no choice.  They will also keep you on a schedule if you don't watch them.  They like to walk at the same time, eat at the same time, potty at the same time.  I even know a dog that knows when the mail runs at the local post office.  At 9:30 every morning, she expects her first outing of the day.  She also has a regular stop in the afternoon at a friend's house for a slice of turkey.

He even heats it up for her.

She may be small, but she is mighty.

They also have the memory of an elephant, and you have to be very clever to fool them.  The above little girl came to my house one day.  I tried to feed her turkey. 

Not having it.

She eats turkey pastrami when she comes to my house.  I have also been known to scramble her an egg. 

Take that turkey guy.

I had to bribe her with salami the other day before she would even look at the turkey.  I have discovered another trait we may want to consider picking up from our four legged friends.

My Full-timer loves strawberries.  I totally agree with her on this topic.  We tried last year to grow them in pots.  It was miserable.  I wrote about it somewhere back there in the archives, but the single miserable moment that stands out was chasing them around the back yard in a wind storm.  We were not successful in that endeavor.

This year I expanded and relocated the Herb garden.  In the empty location, I planted two varieties of strawberries.  What does this have to do with our furry friends?  Dogs take the most direct route, where ever it is they go.  No extra steps.  No diversions.  No detours.  The shortest line between A and B, that's the line they travel.  When you stop and think about it, it is admirable.  Sort of wish that I had lived some of my days with this mentality.  No indecision, just forward motion.

All fine and dandy, unless you are talking about my strawberries.  I made some changes in that bed when the herbs moved out, and every day, on more than one occasion, there was a dog standing on my berry plants.  Before really analyzing the behaviour, I yelled and screamed and threw a fit.  Being a slow learner at times, I finally realized that their behaviour is as natural to them as their skin.  I was the one that was going to have to make changes.  I try to be very adult at times.  Admitting when I am wrong.  Acknowledging great habits when I see them.

My answer.

I planted a shrub at one end of the bed and a rose bush at the other.

Nice looking shrub, huh?

Not the point of the story, but this was a beautiful shrub when I planted it.  Then the grasshoppers ate it.  I left it in place because it is serving its purpose where the dogs are concerned.  I will replace it in the fall.  Maybe the little demons will be gone by then.

The rose bush is fairing nicely though. 

Once the dogs were diverted.  The battle began for the strawberries.  Sort of a snooze you loose situation.  The fight was short lived between the Full-timer and myself.  The grasshoppers like stawberries also.  They are leaving the plants alone, so maybe this won't be a total loss.

Moral of the story - takes some cues from your furry friends.

No dilly-dallying. 

Get to the point. 


Also, if you have pets, pick your battles.  Be the smarter of the two or four.  I can't change they way they think, only the direction they take.

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