Friday, April 13, 2012

One more thing...

The crazy dog pictured in the previous post has been on the go her whole life.  We brought her home when she was six weeks old.  We couldn't make her be still.  She had razor sharp teeth, and she felt the need to constantly be busy.  She was the youngest of our pack, and one day I took her with me for a little nap.  I crashed and she piled up on top of our old dog's bed.  I awoke to a lot of yelling.  It seemed that she was gone, and the Man in Charge was looking for her.  He had enlisted the help of the girls and they were looking everywhere.  He came in and grabbed me, explaining that she was gone, and I needed to get up and help find her.  They had already looked everywhere, and were starting the process over because of no luck the first go around.

I sat up, and tried to wipe the sleep from my eyes.  Where could the little brat have gone?  As I turned to stand up, I looked down at the dog bed where I had last seen her.  She had managed to find a little hole, and make it bigger.  Then she managed to climb inside the bed.  She was very excited because she could hear her name being called, and all I could see was a lump moving in circles under the surface.  It was the funniest thing I had ever seen.

Sorry. I just thought of that the other day, and it still makes me laugh.

We have been in and out so much lately, she is now extremely jumpy.  If I get up, she is there. 

Where are we going now?

It has been funny to see the things that made it through the drought.  Things that I totally neglected and never watered.  I told you of a dear friend that I had lost, the City Girl?  I wrote about her, and you can catch up on that story if you like.  Click Here!

After she passed, her family sold her house, and they let me get a few things out of her yard before they put it on the market.  One thing I brought home, shown below, I have no idea what it is.  I have never been one to plant flowers, but here is one, and it survived.

These are very bright pink flowers...crazy bright.

Any idea what it might be?

I know someone has to know.  Leave it in the comment section, and then I will try to learn how to take care of it.  If you notice, in the back half of the photo, there is a section that didn't make it.  I don't know what to do with that.  Pull it up?  Leave it alone?  Bury it? 

I need some help here.

In the comments section, there was a request for a different picture.  After looking, I realized that I posted the same picture twice above.  Oops!

Could there be a brighter color of pink?  Anywhere?  Ever?


  1. Are those dianthus? If they are, they are annuals and look like they are a little mound. Think they are also called pinks.

  2. They are not an annual...definitely a perrenial, and a hardy one to come back from the abuse I have put them through.

  3. You are right and I got my terminology mixed up...imagine that. My friend, Beth, and I bought these one year and her's thrived and mine died....probably about the time the crazy neighbor was putting killer on my plants. I take no responsibility for killing plants.

  4. Do they look like small carnations? Have a spicy smell? Can you get a closer shot of the flower and foilage?

  5. Dianthus 'Firewitch'

  6. Okay - It looks like you guys know flowers...Dianthus it is.

    I just googled how to care for them, and am pasting it here so I won't lose it. Also, in case anyone would like to know besides myself.


    Apply a thin layer of compost each spring, followed by a 2-inch layer of mulch to retain moisture and control weeds. Water plants during the summer if rainfall is less than 1 inch per week. Stake tall varieties to keep them upright. Remove spent blooms on tall varieties, or shear back mounding plants after bloom to encourage rebloom. After the first killing frost, cut stems back to an inch or two above soil line. Divide plants every 3 to 4 years as new growth begins in the spring, lifting plants and dividing them into clumps.

  7. Okay Anonymous,

    I posted an additional picture above.

    Thank you to everyone for all of your help.

    Iam sure that I will need you again.

  8. Ok, I am a little late but yes, Dianthus...Mammaw called them "Pinks". She loved them:) I just planted some myself.

  9. Just saw this, yes, they are Dianthus....and yes, Mammaw called them pinks and I for one love how they smell. My blackeyed little girl and her Mammaw loved the backyard. She would be happy that you remembered that.