Thursday, April 19, 2012

The little things

Life is crazy.  It is non-stop at times, and it can be brutal.  I have been running at top speed, and most of the time I feel like I am spinning my wheels.  Flying by the seat of my pants.  Skidding around every corner, and slamming on the breaks only on special occasions.  If my life isn't completely out of control, it is right on the edge.  Most of the time I like it this way, then there are days when I want to curl up in a ball and cry like a baby.  That actually is a half truth.  I do want to curl up in a ball at times, but only to hide.  Very rarely do I cry.  That actually is another half truth.  I do cry, but not over things like this.

Now that I have shared personal issues, including my tendency to be a liar, my point is that I have been trying to make myself stop and enjoy the little things.  Little things like...

This dill that I really need to grow because I desperately want to make pickles.  Or,

This peppermint that would be a wonderful addition to my Mint Green Tea.  Or,

This bright colored purslane that is hanging on my front porch.  Can I just say that this plant is easy, and it is facing the west and it loves it?  This little guy is so easy, that when hanging this basket, I broke off a piece of this plant, stuck it in another pot, and with water, it is now growing nicely.  I love easy plants. 

If you are going to talk about the little things, you have to stop for the roses, right?  This plant came from the 'City Girl's' yard.  It is doing well here.  You may not have noticed, but in a previous post about planting blueberries, I included a picture of this rose bush.  See if you can find it in the link here.  I will give you a hint.  It is in one of the final shots on that post, and it looks very twiggy. 


Is that a word?

While this rose bush went from a few sticks, to a beautiful bush full of blooms.  The blueberry plants...not so much.

This is where the happy, fa la la, smelling the roses ends.  This is reality.  This is life.  Here you have very dead blueberry bushes, a lot of weeds, a nasty fire ant pile that you can't see, and some of the best Bermuda grass that I have growing.

Just sharing things as they are, and adding more to the list than I am marking off.

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