Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stormy Weather

With all of the storms we have had lately, I have had a hard time keeping up.  The wind has been brutal this Spring.  I get something planted and then we have crazy strong winds that lay everything down flat.  Luckily, they keep popping back up again, and have stayed strong.  I have compost to move and additional ground to till, but either it is too windy to move the compost or too wet to till it in.  I may have to suit up, and move the compost - no matter what!

Feast or Famine.

I did come across some comical pictures.

This is how the girls look when they think you have bread, or tomatoes, or anything that they want.

Now, this is what happens when you add a huge gust of wind.  Take note of the girls in the back.

Trying to be as sensitive as possible, it is just stinking funny when their feathers blow in their face.  I feel like I can comment on this because I have long hair, and the wind can just be torture at times.  

This last shot is the roof on my hay barn after the big wind storm we had a few weeks ago.  It was horrible  and there were trees down all around us.  We counted ourselves as lucky because this was the extent of it.  Waiting until the next day, the Man in Charge helped me get the old pieces down and new sheets in place.   The girls were completely unaffected by the storm.  They were a little irritated with us for banging around on their roof, but they managed to suffer through it.

The storms can be good at times.  We did receive 2 1/2 inches of rain with this last system that blew through.  The girls stayed inside for a few days, but everything else enjoyed a nice long drink.


  1. Lucky that is all the damage you sustained. Which of your animals, if any, are afraid of storms? I have a big dog that has taught the OLD little dog to be afraid of thunderstorms. Of course, we haven't had any moisture in over a month so all is quiet on my home front.

  2. None of the hounds currently residing on the farm are afraid of storms. I did have two that would get a little worried, but they have both passed on. The funnier of the two was an Australian Shephard, weighing in at about 45lbs. She could make herself fit behind the toilet in the bathroom. I used to joke that if we ever were hit by a tornado, the family needed to check for her because she would be our survivor. She was a better storm predictor than any local weather man. She usually sound the alarm about 30 minutes before it would hit.