Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pre-Super Bowl Party

If you live within 500 miles of Cowboy Stadium, all you have heard within the last two months is "Super Bowl" everything.  They have been planning and preparing.  They were thrown a few curve balls with the weather, but they have managed to stay focused on the goal.

One thing that we have heard a lot about is all of the Pre-Super Bowl parties that have been taking place in the metroplex.  Some have exclusive VIP guest lists.  Some have big name entertainers.  Most have very high price tags.  Well, they have nothing compared to what has been going on around here.

Saturday morning I went out to make the usual rounds.  I carried water to the barn.  I fed the horses and took their blankets off.  I let the chickens out and checked their water.  Then I went to check on the wild bird provisions.  Maybe it was the excitement of the coming warm-up in temperatures or maybe it was because it was finally the weekend, but I was definitely in a better mood. 

As I was making my way across the yard, in what was left of the snow, I started noticing a few things. 

It seems that there was a gathering at CrossRoad Farm on Friday night.  There were little tracks coming from everywhere.  Very few that I could identify...I mean, really?  What does this belong to?

I know this one.  This is Peter.  

It was very obvious from the evidence that my yard had been a high traffic area.  There were a lot of tracks that led to, and were surrounding, the old bird feeder.  I guess the party started at the local bar - The Fermented Seed.  (See details Here!

It must have gotten a little out of hand from the looks of everything. There was certainly no one leaving the Fermented Seed and walking in a straight line.

Cabin fever must effect even those that don't live in cabins because the party did not end here.  They left a trail from the Fermented Seed to the other side of the yard.  I was unaware, but it seems that there is another local hot spot called The Garden.  I can only guess that they gathered at The Garden for some late night dancing...

No one has claimed responsiblity for the party as of yet, but I have an idea who to talk to about picking up the empties...

Hope you have a great Super Bowl Sunday!

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