Monday, November 22, 2010

A long winter


This is going to be a long winter.

I just read the post from last week - sorry, but, what can I say?

Sometimes I get really carried away, and I tried to warn you that these chickens were really wearing me out.  Maybe you were doubting me?  I think last week gives you all the evidence you need to prove these chickens are literally making me crazy.

I can't promise you that things will get any better.  Winter is a fun time, and a SAD time.  I am glad that it doesn't last very long around here, and I am also glad that we usually get that crazy warm day every now and then to boost our morale.  The prospect of a long, cold winter would do me in in no time at all.

The work on the farm can be challenging in the winter months.  The rewards are not obvious until later in the year,  which can be an issue for me because I really like instant gratification as opposed to waiting to see the fruits of my labor.  I know, that is not very practical for a farmer, but at least I am honest.  Doesn't that count for anything?  All kidding aside, some very important tasks are accomplished in the colder months.  The physical aspects of winter work are a little different, due to the fact that you have to dress in about 30 lbs. of gear to stay warm, and then somehow, you have to find that extra energy to move all of that extra weight.  Some days just cleaning the barn can be an intense cardio workout. 

The winter tasks are adding up, and so far the list is looking like this: 

1.  Finish Chicken projects.
     a. build additional roost for large hens
     b. build or buy new nesting boxes
     c. post pictures so that you all don't think I am just making things up.

2.  Build Compost bins.

3.  Prepare soil for additional garden spaces

4.  Select and order seeds for 2011
Seed selection is always exciting to me.  I spent 6 hours last Sunday reading my first new seed catalog of the season.  I went page by page, and picked out everything and anything that I may ever consider growing for the rest of my life. 

No, I can't order all of those seeds.

No, I can't plant all of those seeds.

It was like getting a Christmas catalog when you were a little kid.  You sit on the couch and look at each and every item, being careful to fold back the corner on each page of interest, and actually going the extra mile and circling each item on those pages, just in case Santa might want to know what you would like that year, and making it convenient enough so that he doesn't even have to ask you.  

Hey, I am the last of four, and if you weren't specific, no one paid attention.

I did have to stop myself when I was reading the seed catalog and I got to the section about all of the different carrot varieties.  They were actually describing carrots as, "broad shouldered".  Obviously someone loves seed catalogs maybe just a little more than I do.

I am not judging - Just Sayin'!

There are a number of other things on my list, but the next one that I would like for all of you to consider is this...

5.  A Mobile Market

I am currently networking with other local farmers and will have a variety of produce and varying products to offer, along with the produce that I will grow and offer myself.  I am considering a mobile market instead of the traditional farmer's Market because I feel like people are interested in local food, but may not have the time or the want to go to the farms and check them out themselves. 

I would love to hear any feed back on this consideration, but in the interest of every one's privacy, I would encourage you to go to my contacts page and send me an email if you want to talk about anything specific like a delivery area or other pertinent personal information..  Let me know your opinion, if you would be interested in something like this in your area, if you think it's crazy, whatever you might think, I want to know.

A salute to Poultry every where - Happy Thanksgiving!  

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