Sunday, August 8, 2010

Getting My Feet Wet

Along with the melons and squash that were planted, I did manage to get a few pepper, tomato, and okra plants in another area.  The okra plants were the only transplants that survived from my efforts.  The transplants were 4 Roma, 2 Celebrity, 2 Serrano and 2 Ancho plants.  There were also a couple of heirloom varieties of tomato that really took off when it finally warmed up.

These plants struggled with blight in the beginning due to the constant rain, cold, warm, rain, cold, etc.  The weather just couldn't make up its mind and they suffered.  I did add agriculture grade cornmeal to the soil, and sprayed these plants with a mixture of water, Epsom salt, fish emulsion, liquid seaweed, and molasses weekly.  Most of these products are available at my Amazon Store - see left of post for products.  This worked and really brought them back with a vengeance as you can see.  Things really started to look promising... 

I am sorry, but I just love that picture. 

It wasn't meant to be though.  The heat hit and things really started to suffer.  The yield has been minimal at best, and I finally started letting the Mockingbirds have what they could scrounge up.

We did find a few of these guys - Horn worms.  They can be devastating in a single day.  They eat everything and get big quick.

This was the last picture that I took of the spring tomato plants.  They are sad, non-productive, and did I say sad?  I have pulled a few of them up.  I have cut some of them back, and we will see. 

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