Saturday, August 29, 2015

What a teaser...

I bet you all thought that last post would lead to something amazing!  Me, too!  Then, in typical fashion, by bees decided to throw a ton of work my way, and do their best to continue to consume all of my time!  I have wanted to escape into the air conditioning and catch up with you, but they are trying to kill me.

Figuratively and Literally!

I should be out there right now dealing with a few issues, but I'm procrastinating.  I'll get out there, but thought I would write a few words first.  Just want to give you a preview of what's to come, and in doing so, give myself a list of topics before I forget them all.  I've never been known for my memory, and the sun has been baking my brain on a daily basis this summer.

  • CrossRoad Farm Beekeeping School - Teaching beekeeping lessons has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in a long time.  My students are an amazing group.  They are all very different personalities, but have all come together for the love of honeybees and honey!
  • Rain in May - As a beekeeper, rain during the spring is an amazing and exciting prospect, but when it rains for 27 days in one month...anticipation turns to dread!  I knew it was taking a huge toll on my hives in May!  I had no idea the havoc it would create for the rest of the year!  It will make you rethink everything you have ever thought before.
  • Queen Bee Breeders - Let's just say I learned a few things about a few breeders this year.  It has forever changed the way I will do business in this area of my operation.  I may, or may not name names! 
  • Honey Harvest 2015 - Setting up your own bee shop and extracting equipment is super exciting!  Trying to harvest four bee yards, plus the Blue Dog Bee Lady's bee yard, plus all of your students apiaries may kill you!  Lack of sleep, 100+ degree heat, and a bee product that should help you pull your honey supers off their hives, but doesn't...will make you want to quit your own business!
  • Creeper T.V. - Apparently I have an addiction to television that depicts serial killers, murderers, rapists, wives that kill their husbands, husbands that kill their wives, etc.  I think this scared my husband.  I learned that when I shut down...I go to a deep, dark place.
  • Still no end in Sight - As insane as this spring has been, right now is even crazier.  We are having this amazing nectar flow right now.  It really has taken me by surprise.  My bees are building up like crazy.  They are increasing their population, building wax, and storing honey.  This has created the last bit of drama in my life.  I am building and painting boxes.  I am ordering queens and splitting hives.  Yes.  More hives!
  • What to do? - This entire year has me rethinking my entire operation, and what I feel like I can actually handle.  Plus, I would like to have a life.  You know, other than beekeeping!
  • Oh, and the day I almost died! - Gotta have a cliff-hanger!

I know.  This is a lot, but it is what's to come!  Plus all of the other crazy things I did.  Things that have nothing to do with bees.  Attaching a picture below of the crazy little flower that has my world still going 900mph.  This shot is not representative of what is actually out there.  Some fields are solid white.  The plant is called Snow on the Prairie.  Super fitting.  In places, it looks like a frickin' blizzard!  Too bad it makes a less-than-stellar honey.  It's gonna be all for the girls this winter.

As I type this...I'm kinda glad.  Don't really think I could handle another harvest right now!

Did I mention I should be done by now?  We normally harvest the middle of July.  Then you do any splits the beginning of August.  Then, in the worst case, I would be feeding some hives right now.

I am so ready for winter!

Canada, what will it take for a girl to get some cold fronts running down this way?

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  1. Goodness! You need a holiday! And trust me, if I knew how to bottle up some cool Canadian weather and send it to you, I would in a heartbeat! We have too much of it!

    What happened on the day you almost died??? That's a story you have to tell!!