Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Monsanto Survey/BlogHer

Joining BlogHer for the month of November's NabloPoMo event.  
I have enjoyed it.  
I have kept my committment to blog everyday.  
I have met new readers and have found new things to read.  
Overall - completely satisfied!
I also have received daily emails from BlogHer on various different topics.  I received one email requesting I participate in a survey regarding food.  The tagline was something like,
"How well do you know where your food comes from?"
It was sponsored by Monsanto.  
I am not a fan of Monsanto.  
I am wondering if any of you have any opinions on the survey or if you participated?
I really wish I had a copy of it.  
So, anyone out there with their hands on a copy, I'd love for you to send it to me.

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