Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I'm Here!

Okay, so I might be back.  I was going to take the whole month of April, but you know how things go...they change.

Change is good people!

This may have been a confusing time for some of you, and I realize now that I could have taken some extra steps in explaining what was going to take place on this blog for the month of April, but I didn't and for that,  I apologize.

For those of you who are still confused, let me explain...this is a busy time for beekeepers.

  • I knew from last year that I would be very neglectful of my blog during this time.  
  • To try to keep you entertained, I handed over my blog to a friend.  
  • I told her to do what she wanted.  Her share a short story with you.  
  • A completely fictional short story!
  • Her life has put limits on her ability to blog daily.  
  • Life happens and things get in the way.  
  • For those of you that don't understand - blogging is a thing.  It takes time.  It takes effort.  
  • If you know a blogger and you enjoy reading a blog, please, give that person a pat on the back.  
  • Most of us do this for free!  
  • We do not get paid!  
  • If you can't literally pat your blogger on the back - leave them a comment.  
  • Do something to show your appreciation.

Well - as my friend soon found out, blogging daily is a real challenge.  It takes a lot of time and it can be consuming.  As with most of us, when push comes to shove - blogging takes a back seat to other responsibilities.  So, while my friend has decided to remain anonymous, I have convinced her to finish her story.

I want to see how this story turns out!

It has been a nice distraction for me, and I have really enjoyed it.  With a little begging and pleading, I think I have convinced her to give us the new chapters as she has them.

Stop now and take a look at the top of this web page.  You will see tabs that say:

Egg Q & A
Short Story

Clicking on the tab for short story, you will see that I have copied the first chapters to this page.  As new chapters are added, I will give you a heads up here.  If you like what you've read and you're interested in seeing how the story plays out, please check in on her from time to time.

I know I will!

As for the regular content, you will be happy to know, I have been doing my best to take pictures and video when it's been safe for me to take a glove off now and then.  It's still a little crazy around here, but I am starting to see the light a little.

Hope you've all been good.

I Really missed you guys.


  1. Welcome back!! I thought your blog-sharing was very brave and I am curious to see where to story goes so I'm glad you're going to encourage her to keep it coming! Have to say I'm also curious to learn what you've been up to - looking forward to some bee tales!

    1. Thanks girl! Missed you too. Hope you are warming up. I plan to share a bit about what's been going on this weekend.

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  2. I am so glad you are back. I missed you. Love touching your life with your words.