Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring is Here!


  1. Send me some!!!! PLEASE!!!!! I am losing my mind up here. The kids are home with ANOTHER snow day today - I can't even believe it. It's almost April for goodness sake! Seasonal depression has never been a thing with me before but UGH!!!

    What a beautiful sky - at least I can bask in that for a little while!

    1. If I could package it up and ship it UPS or FED EX - it would be on it's way! I have no other advice then "DEEP BREATHS!"

      This storm cloud popped up after it moved east over us. We have been in a drought for the last three years, and while I was a little envious that we missed out on the rain, I do have family that lives east. So - It was good for someone! With the sun setting - I couldn't resist the shot.

      That little storm produced 1 1/2 inch hail! Yikes!