Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Late for class again!

What can I say?

I live a crazy life.

Since we last spoke - insanity has taken over.

First - I did eat sardines.  I don't think I am a huge fan.  It was recommended that I try a different, spicier version, and I may.  My family was concerned.  I did not make a tuna casserole, but they did question me regarding the whereabouts of the missing sardines.  Then there were some eye rolls followed by gagging sounds.

Second - My dog had surgery - AGAIN!  My vet says, "Oh, this is a minor surgery.  It has to be done, but she will only be uncomfortable for a few days, and knowing her, it probably won't even phase her."

That was a lie!

I brought home a dog that could not get up or lay down on her own.  She was heavily medicated.  She had to be carried outside to go to the restroom.  Going poop was out of the question because just assuming the position of going poop was painful.  So.  No poop!

For three days! 

This led to loads of gas.

We didn't name her Flower for nothing!

I saw two in the morning several nights in a row.  

I don't do well with that.

I am an eight-to-ten-hours-of-sleep-a-night-kind-of-girl.

The first night was pretty rough.  She progressed from there.  Today is day seven, and she is still stiff on that leg, but doing better, and pooping.

We all celebrated pooping.

If you are late to the game, my dog had ACL surgery on her right back leg in November of 2012.  Then, in January of this year, she had ACL surgery on her left back leg.  Upon doing that surgery, it was discovered that she had a luxating patella on the right back leg.

What is a luxating patella?  Her knee cap was moving around.

Was this a result of the first surgery?  Who knows.

I will give my veterinarian credit.  He did the knee cap surgery no charge!  I say I give him credit, but I have also given him a lot of money.  A lot of money for a dog that someone dumped in my area.  A dog that was free!

Nothing in this world is free.  Remember that.

This is also a dog that is my best friend.  Truly.  She is the most loyal animal I have ever owned.  We spend most of our days step-for-step.  She is also a Pit Bull.  I never liked Pit Bulls.  I thought that people that owned Pit Bulls were stupid.  Why would anyone do that?  Then, I fell in love with one.

Never say never.  Remember that.

I have learned a lot about Pit Bulls.  The most obvious thing - They are relentless!  What I mean by that is that whatever their thing is...they are relentless about it.  I can fully understand and appreciate that if a Pit Bull is given to being animal aggressive, it will be a problem.  It will be a problem because they are relentless about it.  I also believe that the way they are handled will make an impact on their life.  I mean that is an obvious opinion.  I also believe that some of them are bred to be aggressive.

That is the goal for some folks.  

Folks that I would personally do mean and horrible things to, but never-the-less.

What I mean by this is, even a young dog that is raised in a loving and gentle manner, can still have a high animal drive if those were the genetics that were bred for.  So, the trick is figuring out what their thing is.  For us, Flower's thing is me.  She is relentless about me.  She wants to be with me.  She waits for me if I walk out of the house.  She waits by the door I walk out of.  I know this because I have come in a different door to find her sitting at the original door.  What can I say?  She loves me.  I saved her.  Then, I saved her again.  And, again.  Oh, and one more time.

I have always told her that the day I picked her up off the street was her one chance.   There were no more chances.  If she does anything evil and out-of-line, that's it!  If you know me, you know I mean it.  So, because I mean what I say, and I love her, there are rules regarding her.  Flower is not left unsupervised with my other dogs.  I don't really think she would start anything, but my other dogs are Border Collies.  They are snobs.  Who is to say what they would do?  Someone gets snotty about something with Flower and pushes the issue, who wins?  I have no doubt that if provoked Flower would win.  I love all my dogs.  I would hate to see that happen.  So.  That is a rule.

Flower also wears a muzzle when we are out in public.  She has never tried to bite me or anyone else, but it is my experience out in public, there is always some small dog owner that lets their dog run around rudely.  Small dogs usually have big egos.  They also don't respect personal boundaries at times.  How do I know what Flower thinks about a small dog?  What if it looks like a squeaky toy to her?  What if she feels threatened by another dog entering her personal space?  Who would win?  Better Question.  Who would be blamed?  I love my dog too much to take that risk.

I also don't let Flower have as much of me as she wants.  I am her thing, remember?  I learned early on that she can and will take things too far, if given the chance.  Like sitting in my chair with me.  She loves it.  I don't really mind it, but if you let her do it all the time, she expects it.  She tries to insist upon it.

Not happening.

My house.

My rules.

I am pretty strict.  I was with my children, and I am with this dog.  I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.  I am fair, but firm.  If you don't have those capabilities, you should not own a Pit Bull.

Going on a tangent about my dog was not my intention today.  Not really sure what my intentions were, but I have to go to work now.  I am always running behind, but now it is ridiculous.  Just thought I would pop my head up for a little air for a moment.

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Out of here!


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    1. You are correct! All packaged up with their own personalities and their own little weirdness. Just like we are.

      They are just waiting for someone to love and care for them. I can't wait to go back to the days of hanging out in my chair watching a little television with a big fat head resting on my shoulder and snoring in my face!