Tuesday, March 11, 2014


You know how - sometimes - you can have an experience with someone and it is less than pleasant? At best it is awkward.  Possibly forced and fake?  You want to believe that it could be genuine...but you have sincere doubts about that.  In the heat of it, you do your best to survive it.  Then, in the end, when you are all alone, you keep playing the whole stupid thing over in your mind.  Looking at it from every angle.  Trying to explain the things that make no sense.  Then you reach a point where you can't take it any longer!  So, you do whatever you have to do to get it out of your head.

Go to a meeting.

(I am in no way about to make fun of anyone seeking help for an addiction of any kind.)

Yesterday, this was my mindset.


Things kept running through my brain, and I wanted them to stop.  I tried all of the above, excluding the run. Sorry.  I'm lazy.  I couldn't make myself believe that a run was a viable option.  I just knew that nothing I was doing was working.  That's when it dawned on me!  Yesterday was the second Monday of the month.

Do you know what the second Monday of the month is?

It is the regularly scheduled evening for my bee club.


I found my distraction.  

A meeting.  
I will catch a meeting.  
Things will be better after that.  
I can get out of here.  
I can think about something completely different.  
I can be around like minded individuals.  
I can...aah!  (breath)

So, that's exactly what I did! It was awesome!  Exactly what I needed!  Plus, something unexpected happened!

I won an entire flat of Wood Violets in the monthly plant raffle.

These little cuties are a treat for the honey bee in early spring, and I am thrilled to add a few to my yard.  I hope I don't kill them.  Now, I just have to decide where to put them.  I also have to find some time to plant them.  The bigger issue - time!   

In the grand scheme of things, there is always a catch somewhere!

Don't let the kinks in life get you down.  Just learn to roll with the punches.  Maybe learn to throw a few of your own every now and then.  More importantly, get out of your own head and go do something positive. It can even be something as simple as making a few honey bees happy!

Now - where is that darn list?


  1. So glad you found reprieve by going to your meeting. And what a lovely prize!

    I found myself in that very same predicament on Sunday when someone very publicly complained about/to me on social media. There were so many things I wanted to say that, had I actually said them, I would be apologizing for years. Thankfully, I took a step back, stewed in my annoyance for a good while, came up with wonderfully witty comebacks that's I'll never use and then distracted myself with my five-year-old niece's birthday party! Rolling with the punches - that's great advice :)

    1. Bee Meeting vs. Five-year-old Birthday Party

      I think you got the sweeter distraction. Isn't it wonderful when God says, "No. Stop doing that. Here. Do this instead!"

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