Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What is the fascination with time?

We are hindered by time.  We only have so much.  When it's gone, there is no getting it back.  If you waste it, forget about it.  It's out of here.  Our days are planned to the minute.  How much time do I have?  When do I have to be where?  How long can I stay?  Most of us work in an environment that is all about time.  Time is money.  The more we can do or make in a certain amount of time, the better.  We have to be productive.  Productivity is measured by time.  Time and money.  Remember, time is money?  It is all about time.  Then, we have crazy people that decide to mess with the time.  Daylight savings time.  Move the clock up.  Move the clock back. 

I say - Throw the damn clock out the window!

What has me all revved up about time today?  I never have enough of it.  I am awful at managing it.  I never accurately predict how much time it will take to complete a specific task.  This always leads to cramming too many chores on the list, and there is never enough time to get everything done.  This is nothing new.  I have written about it before.  Check it out. 

Managing My Thyme

But, really.  My reason for ranting on time?  The question posed today is,

What is your favorite hour of the day?



I live in the real world people.

The world where there is work to do.  The world where every day is crammed full, and there is no time to sit and gaze out a window thinking to myself,

"This truly is my favorite hour of the day?" 

Maybe some day, when I am old and decrepit and can no longer get out of my chair -  or even better, when one of my girls is nice enough to push my wheel chair over to a window, then I may possibly spend my time reflecting on such things.  As for now, the only time I am sitting still is when I am too sore to be doing something.  When that happens, I usually fall asleep.  You know, because when everything comes to a screeching halt - I go to sleep!

Before someone out there in never-never-land goes postal on me, please understand?  I do realize that every minute should be enjoyed.  I do that.  I enjoy my family.  I enjoy most of the work I do.  I enjoy working alone.  I enjoy working with my girls.  I enjoy spending time with my animals.  All of them.  I think they enjoy it too.  My Full-Timer just took a trip down memory lane the other day.  Although it wasn't warm and fuzzy memories she was recalling.  It was more like,

"Remember when you hurt yourself doing...(fill in the blank)?

She had a blast.

that time you fell in the creek?

when you hit yourself with the post driver?  (she laughed at this one, but admitted it was scary)

when you hit yourself in the face building nesting boxes?

when you hit your head in the chicken barn and almost knocked yourself out?

See what I'm sayin' about having a blast?

What were we talking about? 

Time.  Crazy questions.  Unrealistic expectations in our lives.  I don't live in a crazy, romantic, idyllic world.  I live in the real world.  A world where things get messy and I have to clean it up.  A world where I know I will have to deal with at least one kind of poop before the day ends.  A world where I know and admit most of my short-comings.  A world where I either get up and get crap done, or...I take a nap.

Sorry if I yelled earlier.  I am better now.  Hope your not throwing all your clocks out the window.

Just keepin' it rural.

And, trying to bring it back down a few notches.


  1. hahahaha I wrote my post before I read yours. Laughing at the similarities. I just didn't yell.

  2. Good for you. Not yelling and all. It is no surprise that we have the same attitude about some things.