Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Challenge Day #18

The horse is coming along.

I will not be giving you a  play-by-play today.  It is too late and it is too long.  I am going to try to write a little on the prompts that I have missed.  Let's get right to it.

Do you think it is most important to give money, time, or expertise?

I am going to have to say all of the above.  I think it is important to give money if you know the organization you are dealing with, and you know where it is going.  I love to pledge money for particular things.  Then you know where the money goes.  If you spend any time with non-profits, you know that not all of them are frugal and just about the cause.  In those cases, I give time or I purchase specific items needed and donate them, or find another non-profit.  Expertise is always valuable.  If you have it and you can share it, by all means.

All of the above.

Next question...

Gretchen Rubin recommends "Be selfless, if only for selfish reasons," pointing out that those who help out tend to be happier. What do you feel when you volunteer?

When you are wrapped up in "the greater good" of *fill in the blank* it makes you happy. 

Positive = Happy

That doesn't mean that you won't feel other things.  You may feel tired, worn out, run down, exhausted, used, frustrated, etc...etc...

I love the feeling I get from giving something big or small.

Next Question...

Do you ever voluntarily do what you could get paid to do? Why or why not?

This is super easy for me - YES.


I am not the bread winner of this family for one thing.  Although, I joke with the Man in Charge that I get paid *insert his salary here* to do the things I do.  Then I always tease him about the deal he's getting.  Not that I haven't won my share of bread, I just don't currently do so, nor have I done so since January 31, 2001.  I remember the specific date because it was the day I received my previous year's bonus, and promptly told my bosses to kiss my you know what, and I walked out the door.

Good-bye corporate world.

I haven't dealt with that B.S. since.

Back to the question - whether or not I could get paid for something is irrelevant.  Possibly I would think of it differently if I was supporting myself or my family, but I don't, so it is not a thought that crosses my mind.

I think that gets me caught up on what we missed.  I know I could have written more, but I still have to head outside to take care of some horse business and some chicken business.  I am slowly getting caught up on my rest, now I have to tackle the chores that I have neglected.

Funny side story:

I was so tired last night when I got into bed, the Man in Charge was watching television and I asked him what he was watching.  He looked at me and said, "You have asked me that three times."  Well of course I argued he was crazy and I had done no such thing.  He was adamant.  Then he told me that I needed to get some sleep.  Actually it was,

"Woman.  You need to go to sleep."

I did not argue.  I grabbed my eye mask, put it on, and I was out.

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