Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I will survive...

If I survive this week, it will be a miracle.   It is a good thing that I believe in miracles, and more importantly that I believe in the LORD.  He and I have been having some serious conversations lately.  It has been an experience up until this point, and I am not out of the weeds yet.

At this moment just about every muscle that I have is hurting.  Not to mention that I have been eating sugar and wheat, so all my joints feel like an 80 year old with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Nothing against 80 year old women with RA, but I don't want to be one yet.  This is the bee time of the year.  This is the time when I have the most work to do, and it is all time sensitive, and it is all urgent.  It does not care if it is windy or raining or whatever.  The stories are long and I haven't survived them all as of yet.  You will have to check back with me, and please be patient.

I will tell you that yesterday I did use a variety of power tools.  For one, a brand spanking new Saws All that I didn't even know we had.  I also grabbed a Jig Saw that I find a little more than annoying, but it got the job done.  And, you don't want to leave out the plain, old, cordless, circular saw.  I had the most fun using my new staple gun, and I don't mean the kind you plug in to an outlet.  I mean the kind that you hook up to the air compressor.  Whoa...  It was a little hairy at first.  The thing was actually blowing things apart until I got it dialed in right.  I do still have all ten fingers and I do recall wearing safety glasses most of the time.  I did not wear gloves.  Only because you can't pick up crap with gloves on...irritating.  

The concerning part started very early in the day.  As usual, I had my coffee and fed the dogs.  Remember, we had the thing with the creamer and the chicken stock?  Well, that didn't happen again, but by my second cup of coffee, I couldn't find the creamer anywhere.  As I stood there with the door to the refrigerator open, looking, thinking, "What could I have done with the creamer?"  I look over, and there it is, right next to the chicken stock, on the shelf in the door.

Are you kidding me?

I do not have time for this.

I am about to start drinking my coffee black.

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