Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Little Lola


Crazy Chicken.

It has been long enough that I sort of miss her now.

She spent a lot of time making me crazy.  Always doing whatever she could to get into the horse barn and eat the cat food.  I spent a lot of time chasing that chicken.  She did her job well.  She laid a lot of eggs.  It was sad when she died.  Sad because she had a name and she became someone more than anything else.

(I blame a couple of readers out there for that.)

She didn't go without leaving her mark though.  She apparently taught one of the other girls about sneaking into the horse barn.  This little one isn't interested in eating the cat food though.  Her game is to lay an egg.  It has been a constant battle with her all winter.  If she finds a way in, she leaves an egg.  Now it is like Easter every day because I have to look for the egg.  The last thing I need is an egg that goes days on end without being found in the barn.

In a moment of insanity, Lola really did make me crazy, or clarity, because she was all business, I bought six more.  Can you say, "Little Lola?"  They haven't started making me too crazy, and they were the first of the little girls to start laying.  They seem to be all business at this time.

I have only had one incident with a Little Lola and the horse barn, and it started when my mare came down with her pigeon fever.  It was the day we discovered that we had a problem, and we were still trying to figure out what was going on.  We were in the barn and had all the doors open.  I had also opened the door to the chicken barn and the little girls were still trying to get up their nerve to venture out into the big, bad world.  In all the upset about the horse, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a Little Lola had made her way to the back door of the horse barn.  I even commented to the Man in Charge about how brave she was to come all the way outside.  Then I went into Blaze's stall and my focus turned back to her.

Who do you think came around the corner to join me?

You got it.  Little Lola came running into the stall with us.  I tried to get her out, but every time I did anything, she ran under my horse.  This created a lot of commotion.  My horse was not feeling well, and this ended up being good for the chicken.  Blaze really wanted to launch her, but every time she picked up her hind leg it was only halfhearted.  Finally the Man in Charge had to jump in and give me a hand.  It took what seemed like forever to get this chicken out of the stall, and then out of the barn.

Initially, I was really worried about what I had potentially done to myself.  Six of these little monsters.  I think the whole ordeal scared the crap out of the chicken.  I haven't seen one of them near the barn, let alone inside the barn.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

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