Thursday, August 16, 2012

Something on your mind?

Can I just say that it has been raining and the temperatures have dropped?  For me, this couldn't have come at a better time.  You know the heat has been cooking my brain, effecting my coordination, and definitely my mood.  It always reaches a point here in Texas when I just start getting dumber.  Not that it takes a lot of brain power to do most of the jobs on my list, but I like to think I am at least of average intelligence.

Most of the work I do, I refer to as mindless work.  You can set about a task, not really have to think about the actual job you are doing, freeing your mind to ponder life's greater things.  Then you get done and step back to take a look, and you have actually accomplished something.  I love this kind of work and a lot of things fall into this category...


Mucking stalls.





There are a few things that hinder this process.  They jumble your mind, and it is not as enjoyable to have all that free brain power.  Like...

Getting in an argument and thinking it over, and over, and over.

Worrying about someone you love.

Getting a stupid song stuck in your head, and you can't remember all the words.

The latter has plagued me for days.  About a week or so ago, I was in the truck running some errands with my Full-Timer, and a song came on the radio.  She admitted to hearing it over and over on the radio stations that we play, and finding it impossible not to sing along.  I listened right up to the chorus, and thought to myself, "This is the dumbest song I have ever heard." 

Well, guess what? 

All my wonderful, mindless work has been plagued by this song.  To the point that I finally had to YouTube it, so I could at least learn the words.  Over and over it has played in my mind.  It has a catchy tune, and that is my downfall.  This past Monday, in the ugly heat, I mowed.  I mowed for hours.  I was counting on the Lord to send us some rain.  I wanted to get a big chunk of the pasture mowed first.  I got the job done, but over and over the song ran through my mind.  To the point where I kind of like it now?  Not wanting to leave you out, I am posting it here. 

Yes, I do live in Hickville!

So, don't judge!

It is nice in Hickville. 

The people are great. 

You usually know where you stand with them. 

It is easy going out here, and a song can help you get your work done.

Don't forget to turn up the sound!

For those of you that need help with the words... here are the lyrics.

If it hadn't started raining, I'm sure I would be posting this from the lake.

Feel free to cuss me later when you're walking around singing, "On the pontoon!"

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