Thursday, May 17, 2012

When it comes to girls, where do you start?

Girls, Girls, Girls!

Sometimes I feel really sorry for the Man in Charge.  It must be so isolating at times.  He, Deuce and Kid are alone here.  Just the three of them...surrounded by females.  I guess that is the price you pay for living in the big city.

Wait, we don't live in the big city. 

As I write this, I am in the big city.  Apparently, it is messing with my head.  More on the what and why this is happening to me in a bit.  Let's move on.

The easiest place for me to start is with the girls that you know.  So here is a little chicken update for you.

They are spoiled! 

It is easy to see how we got here, but man, are you kidding me?  My chickens have decided that they don't have to go outside and eat. 

Why should they?

They spent most of last summer being fed in the air conditioning that I created for them with the misting system that I put in place to keep them alive.  This also came with an endless buffet.  I couldn't let them starve after all.  What would the point be in letting that happen?  I don't regret any of the decisions that I made last year.  If I hadn't done the things that I did, we probably wouldn't have any chickens this year, but they are totally taking advantage of my good nature.  The weather has been great.  The bugs are aplenty.  Yet, here are these little girls.  Hanging out inside and waiting for someone to fill their feeders.

No More, I say! 

Off with their heads!

Just kidding.  I did however, stop filling feeders.  I give them a scoop of feed, sprinkled outside, every morning and then again in the afternoon.  We have been doing this for a couple of weeks now, and at first it was very ugly.  There was a lot of protesting.  I am certain there was a lot of whining, maybe even some cussing, but slowly they figured out that I was not trying to kill them.  They anxiously wait on the feed, but then they are happy to stay outside and forage for a while.  They usually disappear for a little in the afternoon, and then they are back out until dusk, and then off to bed.  There are a few newbies that have taken an interest in my backyard, but I intend to take care of that this week.  A few adjustments to the fencing, and hopefully that will keep them contained.  I appreciate the fact that they want to keep the area bug free, but there are three dogs that live here, and the back yard is their territory. 

Other than that, they are all doing well.  Lola is still intent on getting inside the big barn and eating the cat's food.  The cat still takes naps in the chicken nests, and they still hate that he does that.  I think it is a little brother sort of thing.  You know they are in there yelling,

"Kid!  Will you just get out of here!" 

The Hooligans are a little less hooligan-ish.  Actually the smaller of the two, is very sweet.  She is always happy to see you, and stays right at your feet.  Funny, considering all the time I spent chasing her around when she was little and living in the garage.  Interesting how your environment changes your perspective about the ones that try to take care of you.  Safe and sound in the garage, and I was the evil person.  Out in the big bad world, and I have become a sight for sore eyes.  The Golf-ball babies are all still alive and well, and will have nothing to do with me.  They are very flighty around people, and that is completely okay with me.  And for now, that is all they have been up to.  The eggs are good, and the production numbers are up.  What more could I ask for?

To Be Cont...

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