Friday, May 18, 2012

Life in the Big City

I mentioned writing a post from the Big City.

Can I just say that sometimes, I totally crack myself up?

Why would I go to the Big City?

My Full-Timer needed someone to go with her for a job interview.

Of course, I would go.  I know that she is ready to get out of here.  Don't think for a second that while I am dragging her to catch possums, or relocate skunks, or move bee hives, that I don't know she is planning her way out.  I don't mind that one bit.  I want her out of here.  Not because I don't love her, I love both my girls, but I want them out in the world.  Living as happy, self-sufficient, productive people.  So, you want someone to go the the Big City - I am your girl. 

Besides getting up at 5:00 in the morning, to be out of here by 6:00, I had a pretty easy day planned.  I had located a coffee shop with free Wi-fi, and packed my bag for the day.  Traffic was pretty easy and we made it in no time.  Once we went our separate ways, I located my coffee shop and settled in. 

This is where the fun started.

I used to live in the city.  I used to live in Northern California.  In areas that were so populated you couldn't turn around with out running into someone.  I also traveled occasionally for work.  Mostly I worked trade shows, so you can imagine, they were always in places like Chicago or Atlanta.  I also used to live in heavily populated areas in North Texas.  Can I just say,

"Time does change things."

My first thought,

"I really love my husband."

I not only thought it, I told him the first chance that I spoke with him. 

After ordering a cup of joe, I was able to position myself so that I was facing the front window of the cafe.  This put me looking out onto the Business District.  I was there early enough that I witnessed all the good people of the city coming in to work.  Almost looking like robots with heads down and  faces set.

Day two of the week and ready, set, go!

My ability to type and not even look at the screen or the keyboard worked in my favor.  There were words coming out of my head, but my eyes were watching the passers by.  Some in business suits.  Some in casual attire.  A lot of women that were very business on top, but wearing party shoes on the bottom.  

What is up with that?

Secretly protesting dress codes?

Then there were the dogs.  Dogs dragging people.  People dragging dogs.  The dog walker that I saw about five times that morning, casually walking about six dogs at a time.  Big men with little dogs.  Little women with giant dogs.  Dogs that were obviously scared and nervous, probably wondering if this was all there was to life.  Dogs that owned the world, and wouldn't have it any other way.

There was a lot of hustle and bustle of activity, and then they all seemed to settle into their work day.  That is when the delivery trucks started showing up.  After a short flurry of activity in that department, it was break time.  One at a time, two at a time, and in some small groups, they poured out of the buildings and into the coffee shop.  Some happy and looking for the next energy boost.  Some complaining about their day already.  They couldn't stand their co-workers, hated their boss, had the worst customers, etc.  Once again, they slowly disappeared.  Now mind you, all the time I am typing away at the computer, but still looking and listening to all that was happening around me.  It was almost as fascinating as watching my bees.

By about 10:30, I was starving.  I asked around to see what was available for lunch.  After getting several suggestions, I typed a little longer, then packed up my bag.  After a short walk, I found a spot that looked good, but just a little after 11:00 and it was already starting to get packed.  I placed my order to go and waited.  Once I had my lunch, I quickly crossed the street to a fountain with seating area.  Still people watching, I started my lunch.

Public Service Announcement:  Do not feed pigeons unless you are done eating yourself.  These little birds get very pushy.  Seeing as this was the closest thing I had experienced all day that reminded me of home, I didn't really mind, but I did make a mental note of the fact.

Back at the coffee shop, I noticed that there had been a shift change.  All new faces working the counter, and here we go again.  I started writing and people watching.  The next wave of entertainment came from all the good people of the world that were walking their dogs on their lunch breaks.  I was very pleased to see this. 

"You go, city dog owners...don't make them stay home alone all day."

Then once lunch died down, all was quiet again until afternoon break.  The coffee shop also sold frozen yogurt with fresh fruit.  Seeing as it was a nice day, the lines started.  If they weren't interested in their caffeine fix, then it was the sugar high that they needed.

I vaguely remember having to do all of these things.  At the same time, it all seems so far away.  I joke frequently about preferring mucking out horse stalls or cleaning the chicken coop to the corporate B.S. that I used to have to deal with, but it really isn't a joke.  My world is very removed from this place.  My world operates at a much different pace.  I can remember a time when I thought that this is what I wanted.

Glad that's over.

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