Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ask a question and see what happens

Can I just say that it is hot outside? 

It is hot outside!

I had a light work load today, not because I don't have a huge amount of work to do, but because I am having a love/hate relationship with my alarm clock.  It is really just a hate relationship because I hate it when it goes off.  Regardless, I didn't get an early start today, and that severely limits what I am able to get done.

Did I mention that it is hot outside?

If I get an early start, I can stick it out and get things done in the heat.  I may have to change clothes three times a day, like yesterday, but I can do it.  It makes the laundry pile a little daunting, but I have learned to love laundry.  You see, laundry is done in the air conditioning.

Love, love, love, laundry day.

Today, I went to the big city with my Full-timer.  I had a few places to go, and then I had a little bit of time to kill while waiting for my girl.  I took a detour to my local coffee spot, to enjoy an iced coffee and do a little reading.  While I was there, I ran into a new friend that I have met through the coffee house and the Community Market.  We have only been able to have brief conversations here and there, but today we managed to sit for over ten minutes and get to know each other a little.  She is a young mother of two and an aspiring marathoner. 

Can I just say that it has been a while since my girls were little, but I sort of remember life being the marathon.  I couldn't even find my running shoes, let alone an hour or more for a run.  So, to have a goal of running a race and actually training for it...

Run on, girlfriend!
You go sister!
Keep your chin up!
Lace up those shoes!
Wear really good socks!
Use sunblock!
Carry your phone at all times!
Keep band-aids handy!
Eat really good, wholesome food!
And please, please, drink plenty of water!

Sorry.  I'm a Mom.  What do you expect?

Anyway, in the course of our conversation we talked about food and food additives.  Eating local and supporting the local movement.  All of those things that we will hear more and more about in the coming days.  I really feel like it is what we have to get back to, for many reasons, but we shared opinions and information, and in our conversation, she mentioned her children and the fact that they have asthma and breathing problems.


Why do so many children have asthma? 

I hear this more and more from almost everyone that I know that has small children in their families.  I actually asked her this question, and we discussed the air quality in North Texas, and all of the things that contribute to it.  It has been her experience that this is the explanation that doctors give.  I found it interesting, and put it on a shelf in my brain to consider later.  This is something that I do frequently.  Like, why are more and more people having their Gall Bladder removed?  I don't ever think that I am going to solve the problems of the world this way, but I can't help it.

You should know that this shelf is dusty and very cluttered.

I was quite surprised when I logged onto Yahoo this evening, and there was an article about the 10 Scariest Food Additives.

Who would have thought?

According to various studies and information, this article states that these 10 items are believed to be linked in one way or another to...

digestive issues
weight gain
thyroid disease
kidney disease
heart disease
breathing difficulties
cause of asthma

and one ingredient is most often used as fertilizer - Really?

You can read it for yourself by clicking on the link -  Here!


  1. So, my question is "why in the world are all your doors locked???? You live out in the boonies -- are you afraid of the boogie man????" Too funny

  2. Okay...

    You found me out! My fears are:

    1. Skunks, possums, or snakes.

    2. Heights - strangely this worsens with age?

    3. Boogie Men!

    For real, I have no answer. I guess it is just habit. You have a door, it has a lock, you lock it.

    I'm weird that way.