Saturday, April 16, 2011

Save the Strawberries!

The other afternoon I was having a very intense conversation with my Full-Timer about her future.  You see, she isn't really interested in living here and staying my Full-Time laborer for the rest of her life.  It seems that she feels like her future should entail more than catching possums at midnight or attempting to splint a sprained chicken leg.

Shocking, I know!

If you are wondering what has hit me on the head to make me write such things?  Stop now!  I have not taken any blows to the head - today.  You can catch up on the midnight possum adventure here, and the day we considered splinting a chicken's leg here.  As far as blows to the head, if you have time to catch up on some reading, here you go.  Click here, and if that isn't enough for you, you can click here.  You have to look for the Public Service Announcements for the details.  I do my best to help you stay safe by leading by example.

Mostly that entails showing you what not to do.

Anyway...we were in the middle of this intense conversation when I screamed, jumped up and ran outside.  I did not take the time to look back, but I am sure she was sitting there in mid-sentence wondering, "What now?"  Being the well-schooled laborer that she is, she did jump up and follow me to see what was going on.

I had purchased 6 strawberry plants and had planted them in pots.  Then, I had placed the pots on the back porch on a planter that used to belong to a good friend of mine.  (I will post a picture soon.)  In the middle of our conversation, I had looked up to see an empty pot rolling across the back porch.  It seems that all of this crazy wind had knocked over the whole thing.  There were pots rolling in every direction.  There were plants dumped on the ground.  There was dirt everywhere.  It was absolute chaos!

I immediately started picking things up and shoving strawberry plants back in dirt.  I was trying to sweep up dirt in my hands to fill all the pots back up, and I looked up to see my girl right next to me.  She had the same concerned look on her face as I did.  Without stopping to look at her, I said, "Sorry!  How rude of me, but I just saw them blowing across the yard and ran!"  Never missing a beat, she said,  "It's okay!  At all costs, we must save the strawberries!"

This made me laugh. 

You have probably guessed by now, but she has a special love for the strawberries.  She likes them fresh with a little sugar or in a pie.  She spent a lot of hours and a lot of strawberries coming up with a Strawberry Cream Pie recipe last summer.  It was a project that she worked with her Pop on, and there were countless pies before they came up with one that met her standards.  I was beginning to get a little sick of the berries during this process, but not her.

I have a feeling that there is a Berry Patch in my future.

Adding that to the list now.

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