Monday, March 21, 2011

Here we go again

Hey guys!

How is everyone?

Just to let you know, I have been doing a lot of work over spring break.  Boy, am I glad this vacation is over.  I will be posting updates as soon as the wind stops blowing 50 mph and I can take some pictures.

I have also tried to enjoy a little March Madness, but my brackets are all wacky now.  Somebody picked Wisconsin, and Wisconsin beat my Kansas St, not that my Kansas St. made it to play Wisconsin, but if they had, somebody would have beat me all the same.  Not mentioning any names here.

Come on Florida!

On to the real news of the day.  Did I mention it was bad news?  I had to get out of Dodge early this morning, and on my way to the barns I spotted a rodent like animal making a run for the creek.  Too far away to be certain, but it looked like it could be a possum or an armadillo.  It seemed to be running fast.  Do armadillos run faster than possums?  I am hoping for an armadillo.  Does anyone know if armadillos like to go after chickens or eggs?  Still hoping for an armadillo.

I am not ready for this part of spring.

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