Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 3 - Contest Continues!

Day Three of the Contest...for those of you who are curious, there are seven breeds of chickens so there will be seven days of this contest.  The first to email the correct breed will win for that day and the one who answers the most breeds correctly will win.  You can see complete details on Day 1, and you will be better off if you try to answer something for each breed, even if you come in late.  There are no late answers.

Go ahead, give me your best guess.

Breed Three:

These are the funniest chickens.  They are always the first to get to you when you call them all, and they are sprinters.  They are also very curious as you can see by the hen in the first picture.

Again, these are all brown egg layers, and yes, that is another rooster.  We have two, and they are both looking for another home as we speak.

Good Luck!

These chickens look very similar to another breed.  The reason for that is they are the result of crossing two breeds.  This is the result, not the original. 

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